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Dr. Angus Friday

Blue Economy Director at the Waitt Institute

Dr. Angus Friday is Blue Economy Director at the Waitt Institute. Dr. Friday served as the World Bank’s Ocean Representative and with the Dutch Government and FAO in establishing the Global Blue Growth Network. Dr. Friday also played a leading role in developing the Blue Grenada Program which included the development of a Blue Growth Master Plan and the establishment of the Blue Innovation Institute; all of which contributed to the World Bank’s “First Fiscal Resilience and Blue Growth Development Policy Credit” with $30 million in concessional financing for Grenada under IDA-18.


In 2017, Dr. Friday played instrumental roles in helping Caribbean Governments to establish the Caribbean Climate Smart Accelerator to which the InterAmerican Development Bank pledged $1 billion in co-financing.


At the World Bank, Dr. Friday helped to establish a $30 million trust fund for renewable energy in small island developing states and he continues to provide pro-bono advice to the Government of Grenada on matters related to economic development and fiscal governance.


As a diplomat, he served as Grenada’s Ambassador to the United States, Mexico and Canada and also as Grenada’s Ambassador to the United Nations, where he was selected as chairman of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), a climate negotiating bloc of 44 small island developing states.


A qualified medical doctor with an MBA, Dr. Friday brings a wide perspective on the interconnected nature of business, health, and international economic policy. He is a certified Yacht Skipper and SCUBA Diver, a keen cyclist and dabbles in oil painting when time permits. Dr. Friday is based in Grenada with his fiancé and their three daughters.

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