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Marie-Chantal Ross

Program Director, Ocean Program

National Research Council Canada

Marie-Chantal Ross is the Program Director of the NRCs Ocean Program, a seven year, multimillion dollar program to support Canada’s blue economy growth in a way that places ocean health at the forefront.  Maritime autonomous surface ships (MASS) are part of the solution.  The same technologies that enable MASS in Canadian waters enable efficient, resilient, safe, secure as well as clean ships and shipping.



Marie-Chantal is the Chair of the CFMASS Testing/Research and Devleopment sub-committee.  She also Chairs the Enabling MASS Interdepartmental Working Group bringing together federal departments and agencies to consolidate MASS initiatives and maximize federal investments. Under her leadership, and in cooperation with Transport Canada, she is championing the development of a 5 year technology roadmap taking into account policy and operational considerations.


Marie-Chantal brings 20+ years of research and development experience from both the public and private sectors.  She holds a Bachelor of Applied Science, Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto, and a Masters of Engineering, Engineering Management from the University of Ottawa.  

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